When we decided to open our own restaurant in 2015, it came naturally—formed by our history, travels, and experiences. Although we are still relatively new to the Panhandle, we see ourselves as Southerners, but also ex-New Yorkers, world travelers, and passionate foodies. At George Artisan, we have combined all the things we loved about living in New York, recipes and culinary experiences we brought back from Europe, and most importantly, the things that really drew us to move south.

We started calling our style "South-meets-South"—the South of France meets The South. A South of France bakery with its Herbs de Provence and smell of fresh bread every morning, a touch of coffee-counter culture, and warmth and the generosity of spirit of the American South.

Being complete coffee addicts ourselves, we wanted to present our guests with quality beans and sophistication in preparation that would not make us blush before a coffee connoisseur. And as for wine and beer, we have collected a well-rounded list of labels that inspire a global experience.

Our design may be urban, and the bread may be French, but the atmosphere is all South. Much like the central piece of the space—the communal table—it is open, friendly, welcoming, and warm. A place where one would feel at ease with a fun group friends for a lively conversation, or a place to bring that special person for a taste of something sweet.

And what is the South without family? Since we are a family business, we would love for our customers to become a part of our extended family. You are always welcome at George!